Miss Phi Beta Sigma - State of Georgia 2021-2023

Miss TyMesha El'lexia Williams

Miss TyMesha El'lexia Williams was born on April 11, 1998 in Savannah, Ga to Ms. Wendi Williams and Tyron Thomas. TyMesha is a senior , criminal justice major at Savannah State University. After graduation , TyMesha has aspirations on continuing her eduction , by earning a masters degree and then her Juris Doctorate, in the future years.

While at Savannah State University, TyMesha has been a member of numerous organizations but is currently serves as the membership chair for Campus Activity Board , the Business manager as well as Community Service chair for NAACP , she is also apart of APLES , SSUPAA and Queens Collation , all while working at Home Depot and Walgreens.

TyMesha has aspirations of being more of an asset to her community , by planing to organize necessity drives but also push voter registration numbers with partnering up with her local and collegiate level of NAACP , and also has hopes of starting a mentor program for middle to high school age students , who may have ran in to trouble before the age of 18.

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